ATELIER EARTH is a place to enjoy playing and learning together how we should live on this planet in the future, surrounded by the rich natural environment. It is a group of facilities planned by artist Susumu Shingu, who continues to make sculptures that move only with natural energies such as wind and water. Independent buildings of Art Center (experience-based learning facility), a theater, an atelier and a café-restaurant with a great view line up around the square. Some of the seven sculptures, which are installed atop of the buildings, are connected with inner space to move interior objects. The theater is not only for concerts and lectures but is specialized for marionette theaters from all over the world as well as the ATELIER EARTH original performance.

Planned location:
Arimafuji Park (968 Ninji, Sanda, Hyogo)

Shinki Bus from JR Sanda-kitaguchi to Ninji (toward Ochibara Valley)15 minutes walk
20 min by car from Kobe-sanda exit of Chugoku Express Way
20 min by car from Sanda-nishi exit of Maizuru-wakasa Express Way
Parking area(For 139 cars)Free

Location Map

Art Center(Sketch)
Model sculptures at Art Center(Sketch)
Café – Restaurant and Shop(Sketch)
Café – Restaurant and Shop(Sketch)
Giant insect rides(Sketch)