Privacy Policy

For the best use of this website, please enable Javascript and cookies with the latest browsers. By reading and using this website, you understand that you consent to the storage and use of cookies and other data necessary to enable important functions of the site.

This website uses and installs the following external services.

  1. Google Analytics(A website traffic analysis application)
  2. Google Search Console(A website traffic analysis application)
  3. Google Forms(A web-based application used to create forms for data collection purposes)
  4. Google Maps(A web mapping service)
  5. Twitter share button(Service to share web pages on SNS)
  6. Facebook share button(Service to share web pages on SNS)
  7. YouTube videos(A video sharing service)

In order to provide services of Google, Twitter and Facebook, each company may set cookies in the browser of this website visitor or read existing cookies.
For the explanation of cookies and how to use the data acquired and stored by each company, please refer to the corresponding page of each company site below.
In addition, our corporation handles data collected and stored in Google Forms in compliance with laws and regulations, and does not use it for other than the purpose of use of each form. We will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent. The manager of the acquired personal information will be assigned to the responsible manager, and we will take active measures to prevent loss and leakage.
The YouTube videos installed on this website are set to privacy-enhanced mode that does not use cookies to track viewing behavior.